The Dudley Moore Trio: Jazz In "OZ" (DVD + CD) Актер "The Dudley Moore Trio" инфо 963s.

От издателя This historic performance of the Dudley Moore Trio has never before been available to the general public Thanks to the generosity of The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, which has licensed itбъщыл to Martine Avenue Productions, this amazing performance can be seen for the first time since its 1971 television broadcast 1971 marked the Dudley Moore Trio's first tour of Australia, and it was a time of great excitement for the young trio members - Dudley Moore, Peвисвъte Morgan and Chris Karan Quite notable in this concert is the persona used by Dudley for many of his introductions - the very familiar Dud from his legendary 'Pete and Dud' sketches with Peter Cook, along with several musical parodies that date from the days of "Beyond the Fringe" Dudley returned to Australia several times In 1996 he undertook what was to be his last tour during which he fulfilled a long held wish - to meet a Koala The photograph on the left shows Dudleврпуыy in 1996 This DVD shows Dudley Moore in top form doing what he loved best and what he did so brilliantly - entertaining audiences through music and humour Дополнительные материалы Актер "The Dudley Moore Trio".